The word is out...

Read what these die-hard smallmouth anglers have to say about Matt Frondorf and his Buckeye Baits:

I fished a big open tournament on Dale Hollow two weeks ago. I was fishing one of your green pumpkin 1/2 oz jigs with a small green beaver tail hand poured by you. I threw a jig 90% of the day . Never changed baits. I caught 4 on the jig: a 6-0, 5-10, and 2 that weighed 4-0 each! I missed winning by 4 ounces and missed Big Bass by 4 ounces! Once again, thanks for the jigs. I was interviewed on the radio after the tournament and was asked what I caught the Big fish on...told them a BUCKEYE BAITS custom jig and they could be ordered on Buckeyebaits.20m.com!
-Bob Speakman

"I have been ordering some of Matt's hand poured baits for my smallie fishing for a little while now. He makes a variety of baits but my favorite is his craw worm which I use as a tube trailer. Matt's always given me top notch service, fast turnaround on orders and great products. I've placed several orders with Matt and always receive great service. Thanks Matt for providing us with a great product at a great price!"
-Tim Hanford (Mechanicsburg, PA)

"Guys , Matt's products are incredible. He makes everything from spinnerbaits to buzzbaits to jigs and super flukes. He also makes pork chunks and cajun trailers as well as craw trailers. The jigs are so colorful I want to eat them myself! While the jigs are my favorites, his pearl color super flukes are outstanding. They are definitely a go to bait, but all of his products WILL catch fish. I've been using and testing his stuff for several months now and haven't been disappointed once. Matt is a top-notch guy. He gives quick service for a cheap price."
-Scott Pollack (Waynesboro, VA)

"I am awaiting an order of 100 as I type. I've been wetting Matt's handpours off and on all year and like them WELL. Matt is one of the FEW that make a quality handpour thats AFFORDABLE."
-Duane Richards (Vinton, VA)

"Matt's buzzbaits are indeed outstanding. I've tried a number of different "store-bought" buzzbaits, but they just don't compare with Matt's. Similarly, Matt's pearl-colored flukes are fantastic. You're short-changing yourself if you don't give Matt's products a try."
-Jon Weimer (Front Royal, VA)

"Your baits are great! The jigs and plastics worked really well on Saturday. I've got to tell you, your baits are really top notch and your service is outstanding. Plus, you're always willing to answer my questions."
-Bob Gorski (PA)

"Matt, I received the baits and I am excited. If they work as good as they look, every smallie in Michiana is in trouble. Thanks again too for the speedy service. You live up to your reputation on the board. 'Nuff said."
-Jack Schalk (South Bend, IN)