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The folks at Buckeye Baits don't just make baits and sell baits to anglers, we ARE anglers. These are a few of our favorite Internet links where you can gain a world of fishing knowledge, meet some fine folks who share in a passion for the outdoors like you do, and have a good time on days when you can't be on the water!

Riversmallies.com is a top notch website dedicated to the the pursuit of smallmouth bass in rivers and creeks across the country. Created by Central Kentucky's Brian King, this is the Internet fishing resource by which all others are judged. Chances are, there is not another place on the Internet, or the world for that matter, where more people in-the-know on smallmouth are all together in one place. Ask a question, and someone there either knows the answer or will find someone who does. This is a PRICELESS website for the die-hard smallie lover in us all.

Check out the newest website dedicated to fishing in Kentucky!

Check out the official online message center of TheCreekBank.com! It's a great little Internet hideout and is blessed with many fine smallie anglers!

Pro's Soft~Bait Glue is perfect for soft plastic bait repairs, bait customization, and numerous other uses. Keep your Buckeye Baits looking brand new with Pro's Soft~Bait Glue! Check out their website and order yours today - YOU'LL LOVE IT!

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